nOFTEN NFT Marketplace is one of the fast-growing platform; Launches NFT’s for leading sports and entertainment celebrities

Offers Fans an opportunity to procure unique and unseen innovation of their favourite artists at a 10% Discount, when purchased from nOFTEN NFT Marketplace using NOF token

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 22: One of the Biggest Marketplace nOFTEN NFT (non-fungible token) which is considered as a haven for celebrities and artists to introduce their collection of artworks, is now offering NFT's for Indian boxing champion Mary Kom, Indian field hockey player Manpreet Singh, Indian professional boxer Vijender Singh, Rappers like The Game, YouTube personality Amit Bhadana along with top-notch models and many other celebrities from Bollywood, entertainment, music, and sports industry.

nOFTEN's aim is to get fans connected to their favourite artists' unseen innovation. As a marketplace, nOFTEN allows users to create, buy, and sell NFTs, which are unique digital tokens that certify ownership of virtual assets, including artwork, music, gaming, sports, and other digital collectibles. NFT's transform digital works of art and other collectibles into unique and verifiable assets that are non-replicable and can be traded digitally. To make it more simple, Individual artists list their exclusive NFT's on the nOFTEN marketplace. This can be anything like access to VIP passes for their shows, personalized acting classes, a snapshot of the favourite dialogues that stole your heart, a shout out to your loved ones, or their exclusive merchandise that's available exclusively for the nOFTEN users. The artworks are very close to the heart of celebrities and is very different from the other stuff available on other NFTs platforms. UsingNOF tokens, fans can now buy unique and unseen innovations of their favourite artists at 10% Discount, when purchased from nOFTEN NFT Marketplace. NOF tokens are trading on the exchange.

"NFTs are the next big thing. Indian and international celebrities and artists are becoming part of this unique community, which shows the tremendous interest in NFTs in India. We are now launching unique artworks of many Sports, Bollywood, Music and Entertainment celebrities and aim to position nOFTEN as the go-to marketplace for authentic, legit and traceable celebrity NFTs," said Constantin Aurin of nOFTEN.

nOFTEN is built on Etherlite blockchain- the fast, scalable, low fees blockchain. It will enable nOFTEN to be more accessible to NFT users saving on exorbitantly high fees and transaction lag as being faced on other NFT Marketplaces.

"nOFTEN is creating a new definition of how celebrities and collectors engage and collaborate with each other. The marketplace will ensure personalised and curated experiences by artists, multiple options of trade-off for fans and collectors, and integration into an established blockchain," Constantin Aurin added.

nOFTEN is also planning further to signup many more global celebrities, leading fashion designers and leading singers from the world in the coming weeks and months.

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