Oltao’s New-Generation Luxury Ceiling Fans Transforming Indian Homes Forever

Udaipur, March 19: Udaipur-based entrepreneur Mehul Soni's luxury ceiling fan brand, Oltao (www.oltao.co), has been empowering buyers across India with extraordinary unique ceiling fans that are a fusion of fan and chandelier.

Despite the ever-growing availability of fancy and decorative pieces for floor and wall decoration, people are only left with very limited choices when it comes to the ceiling. Thinking and buying fancy things for the ceiling is a problem most homeowners face. It is why many people invest in chandeliers to amplify the beauty of their homes.

Although there are numerous unique and gorgeous chandelier designs available, the fact that chandeliers have to share space with ceiling fans cannot be ignored. On the other hand, most fan brands play with different colours and designs, so people don't feel left out if they choose to have a fan over a chandelier. However, the demand for fans in every Indian home is ever-growing too.

Realizing this growing need for Indian homemakers for fans and chandeliers, Mehul Soni's brand, Oltao, has emerged out of the blue by making a fusion of chandelier and fan, wherein the fan blades will only be visible when they are needed. Otherwise, it will stay put as a beautiful chandelier, looking complete in itself.

The main objective of the Oltao Luxury Fan brand is to offer its customers a hundred percent satisfaction by delivering an exquisite concoction of technology and beauty. By bringing them up close with evolutionary innovations that would not only thrill them but also every other person who visits their home as guests. Also, by providing an enlightening experience to all of them through premium quality products that can walk the talk.

The luxury combination of ceiling fan and chandelier comes equipped with a BLDC motor. The BLDC motor is one of the most advanced motors often used in aircraft, electronic vehicles, robotics, and computer disk drives, amongst other applications. The BLDC motor in Oltao's fans delivers added features like 6-speed functionality, noiseless operation, 70% less power consumption, and summer or winter mode.
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As the BLDC motor can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise, the summer or winter mode enables the consumers to use the fan in the winter season because the fan will throw hot air in the upper part of the room or hall from sideways.

This luxury combination of chandelier and fan is fully wireless remote-controlled based. It comes with a light and fan mode, crystal invisible fan light, three-block wind power, three-colour thermoregulation, crystal description, and more unique features. The brand has been regularly upgrading its product and offers a 5-year warranty to the buyers. The brand also uses only premium quality raw materials such as colour coating, motor, and crystals for delivering the best.

The mastermind behind it all, Mehul Soni, has worked in many fields, including technology and customization, in his lifetime. But his passion and interest in computers and electronics have always overpowered his most significant life decisions. It led to the creation of his successful brand, Oltao, back in 2019, when he was just 25 years old. Over the years, his luxury fan brand has become recognized and loved by consumers all over India. He believes Oltao is just getting started and that he has a long way to go from here.

Learn more about the on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oltao_/

Source: Press Release
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