Pakistan Directs Its Missions Abroad to Boycott Bangladesh Armed Forces Day

Pakistan Still Grappling with the Impact of the 1971 Bangladesh War Defeat.. As per Intelligence Agencies reports the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan has directed diplomats across its embassies and missions worldwide not to participate in the celebration of Bangladesh Armed Forces Day on November 21.

In a notable development this month, on November 13, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry, headquartered in Islamabad, has specifically instructed its High Commissions situated in India and Bangladesh not to participate in the programs commemorating Bangladesh Armed Forces Day.

On November 21, 1971, the combined forces of the Bangladesh Army, Navy, and Air Force launched an offensive against the Pakistani Army. This day is commemorated as Armed Forces Day in Bangladesh. On this occasion, the Government of Bangladesh arranges special programs in its embassies worldwide, including India, with invitations extended to ambassadors from various countries. To avert potential embarrassment, Pakistan has instructed all its embassies not to partake in these programs.

As per the sources , In an order dispatched by one senior high ranking officer deployed Pakistani Foreign Ministry office in Islamabad, to all diplomatic missions, it has been explicitly stated that the 52nd Armed Forces Day in Bangladesh, to be celebrated on November 21, should not be attended by Pakistani diplomats under any circumstances.

The Bangladesh Liberation War, sparked by the injustices and repression of the Pakistani Army, unfolded in East Pakistan, now recognized as Bangladesh. Over its 24-year rule in Bangladesh, Pakistan subjected the populace to extensive atrocities. Thousands of civilians fell victim to massacres, and the Pakistani Army committed severe human rights violations. Fleeing from the turmoil caused by the Pakistani army, millions of Bangladeshi people sought refuge in India. Subsequently, the Indian Army actively participated in the Bangladesh Liberation War.

In a swift 13-day operation,the Indian Army achieved victory over the Pakistani Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War. On December 16, 1971, 93 thousand Pakistani soldiers surrendered to the Indian Army, commemorated annually as Vijay Diwas.

The Bangladesh government has urged the United Nations to recognize March 25 as International Genocide Day. In February 2023, Bangladesh officially requested Pakistan to apologize for the 1971 atrocities during a meeting between the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister and Pakistan's Minister of State for Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka.

To express gratitude for Indian soldiers' contributions, Bangladesh is constructing a military memorial, expected to be completed by December. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone in 2021. The memorial will honor over 1600 martyred Indian soldiers whose names will adorn its walls.

In a gesture of camaraderie, India and Bangladesh invited each other's war veterans and serving officers to attend ceremonies commemorating the Bangladesh Liberation War. The event saw participation from freedom fighters and serving officers from both nations, fostering a spirit of shared history and cooperation.


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