Patiala Politics Launches Helpline to bring communities together in these unprecedented times with members over 150,000

Patiala Politics was formed with the main goal of providing accurate local news to the residents of Patiala city. As the Covid hit many people with the ease of the internet and smartphones wanted to get the latest local news the need for the same rose drastically which led Patiala Politics to seize this opportunity by providing the platform and accurate news to the concerned readers of Patiala. With the main goal of satisfying the needs of newsreaders from rural regions; Patiala Politics has decided to work on their website
As big publishers fail to highlight the outlook of the local issues faced by the residents of the city and to satiate the hunger for local content they came up with online pages and portals. Patiala Politics is one such page that was born out of this need and within a short span of under 5 years, it has become one of the trusted platforms for the residents of Patiala city seeking trustworthy, accurate, and fast information. Patiala Politics focuses on true and trustworthy news which is why they make sure the news is accurate and true to its words by gathering data from the Patiala district. Patiala Politics claims to have an envious reach of over 3 million on its Facebook page posts and its subsidiary helpline group. In these uncertain and insecure times, organizations like Patiala Politics are actually doing Yeoman's service. Led by the tireless and dynamic single-handedly by Baljeet Singh Kohli, Patiala Politics has been able to carve a special place in the hearts of the residents of the Royal City-Patiala in a short span of time. Patiala Politics aims to serve as the one-stop shop for all the news, information, and entertainment-related needs of Patiala and its surrounding areas. Since the launch of its Facebook page two years ago, Patiala Politics has developed a strong relationship trust and credibility with the citizens of Patiala. Patiala Politics has become a force to reckon with in the media echelons of the city, providing the fastest, most reliable, and unbiased news and media reports. In these unprecedented times where people are suffering every day psychologically, financially, and anxious about the ever-growing Covid cases Patiala Politics are actually doing noble work. Patiala Politics can be easily reached through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and phone if residents of Patiala wanted to report any case or news. With the ever-increasing opportunities lying in front of Patiala Politics, the future looks seemingly bright for the organization. Expanding to new readers, new cities, sports, technology, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest are a few examples of opportunities where Patiala Politics can grasp it and work on it. They have also set up the Patiala Helpline Punjab where they have more than 1 Lac member in a public group on Facebook where the main objective is to bring the community close and help them by providing the platform for the same.

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