Paysharp Targets B2B Business with Flat Fee Pricing Model

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B2B Segment and B2B Payment
Business to business transactions are high-value transactions by nature, Business could not offer transaction charge in percentage, For example, a transaction value of 2 Lac, business could not offer even 1% (i.e INR 2,000) as transaction fee to the Payment gateways, so B2B transactions happens via bank transfer modes such as RTGS / NEFT / IMPS and some business extend still they collect payments via cheques too.

Compared to B2C Segments in the B2B segment, the number of transactions are less but the value is high. Also in the B2B segment immediate settlement is unavoidable.

How Paysharp Helps B2B Business
Paysharp provides various B2B payments solution with flat pricing and same-day settlement to B2B businesses. Paysharp provides products and solutions for CMS, Virtual account, UPI payment stack, automatic reconciliation and split payments. Paysharp offers same-day settlements also based on business use cases, offering near real-time settlements to business.

How Paysharp is different
Paysharp differentiates with flat pricing and same-day settlement also the technical solution provided by Paysharp is tailored for B2B businesses and easy to integrate with their existing systems. Support wise Paysharp stands apart from others with a dedicated relationship manager and SLA.

Products Offered by Paysharp
Paysharp products are tailored for B2B business and B2B marketplaces business.

CMS / Virtual Account
Businesses start collecting payments using Paysharp’s CMS, there is no setup cost or integration cost or AMC involved amount collected will be settled to the business account. For integration, Paysharp provides 1:1 technical integration support to go live smoothly, Paysharp’s CMS solution is 10X to 15X better than Bank’s Cash Management Solution and other CMS solutions available in the market. Cost-wise, very reasonable.

UPI Solution
Paysharp provides a complete UPI stack that can be integrated with web applications and mobile apps. Paysharp UPIs stack enables frictionless UPI payments in your website or app. UPI stack includes UPI deep linking / Mobile intent, dynamic QR code and collection request.

Reconciliation Solution
Paysharp provides an automatic reconciliation solution, every transaction can be mapped with customer and order, reconciliation solution works with virtual account and UPI solutions. Each transaction is posted to the client’s system in real time with customer and order information.

Split Payment
Paysharp provides split payment solutions for B2B marketplace and service aggregators. Transaction level split payment settlement is easy to implement and works seamlessly for the complex logic, Incoming funds can be flexibly routed to suppliers and merchant accounts via single API.

Other Products
Apart from the above products, Paysharp also provides Payout solutions and cash management solutions.

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