Peru extends 'State of Emergency' amid violent clashes

Lima [Peru], January 17 (ANI): Amid ongoing violent clashes in Peru which erupted last month following the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo, a 'State of Emergency' in the country has been extended as protesters who oppose the current government have called for political change in the country, CNN news reported.

Anti-government protests began in Peru in early December following the removal and arrest of then-president Pedro Castillo shortly after his attempt to illegally dissolve Congress, reported DW News.

Several conflicts occurred in December, a state of emergency was declared, and hundreds of international visitors were left stranded in the nation due to the unrest.

On January 14, President of Peru Dina Boluarte apologized for the deaths reported in Peru due to protests across the country.

She, however, said that she would not step down, Qatar-based TV Network Aljazeera reported.

Boluarte while speaking in a late-night address on Friday, expressed sorrow for the violence that has killed more than 40 people since December in Peru. Most of those killed were protestors, killed during clashes with security forces.

Boluarte in her address on Friday said: "Some voices that have come from the violent and radical factions are asking for my resignation, provoking the population into chaos, disorder and destruction."

"I will not resign. My commitment is with Peru," she said.

"I cannot stop reiterating my regret for the deaths of Peruvians in these protests. I apologise for this situation," she added, as quoted by TV Network Aljazeera.

According to CNN, the 30-day state of emergency imposed by the Peruvian government over the weekend was extended to include the capital Lima, as well as the regions of Cusco, Puno, and the Callao constitutional province. Freedom of movement and assembly are among the constitutional rights that are suspended during a state of emergency.

Peru's police earlier on Friday announced the arrest of Rocio Leandro, a union leader from the south-central Ayacucho region with supposed links to Maoist rebels, who is accused of financing the protests and recruiting demonstrators.

Last week, authorities closed air and rail links to Peru's famed Machu Picchu tourist site for the second day as protests flared up leading to clashes with police. Several regional governors and professional associations, including lawyers and teachers, have joined the calls for Boluarte to resign, reported Aljazeera. (ANI)


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