Pratibha Verma: IIT Delhi Grad's Inspiring Journey to AIR 3rd in UPSC Exam

Pratibha Verma, a determined IIT Delhi graduate hailing from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has shattered barriers, leaving behind a high-paying telecom sector job to achieve a remarkable 3rd rank in the prestigious UPSC civil services exam, emerging as the top-ranking woman in 2019. Her journey is a testament to resilience, fortitude, and unwavering ambition, teaching us that dreams can become reality with dedication and determination.

Pratibha Verma's awe-inspiring journey from a humble town in Uttar Pradesh to the pinnacle of the civil services is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Breaking free from the clutches of a predictable life, she relinquished a high-paying job in the telecom sector to pursue her dream of serving the public. Her story serves as an invitation to all, reminding us that each one of us possesses the potential to achieve greatness and leave an indelible mark on the world.

Pratibha Verma's Inspiring Journey: Triumph Against the Odds

Hailing from Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Pratibha Verma defied all odds to clinch an incredible All India Rank 3rd in the UPSC civil services exam in 2019, securing the top position among women. Her journey, however, was far from easy. Battling ailments and adversities, she overcame every hurdle with the tenacity of a warrior. Beginning her educational voyage in a Hindi medium school, she progressed through the corridors of UP and CBSE boards, eventually landing at the prestigious IIT Delhi for her B.Tech.

Choosing Purpose Over Paychecks: A Pivotal Decision

After a successful stint in the telecom sector with a hefty paycheck, Pratibha made a life-altering decision in 2016: she chose purpose over financial allurements and set her sights on the UPSC exam. Leaving her cushy job, she embarked on a path that demanded immense dedication and resilience.

Resilience Through Trials: Health Setbacks and a Global Pandemic

Life threw its share of curveballs—dengue, typhoid, and a global COVID-19 pandemic—but Pratibha's spirit remained unshaken. Becoming an IRS officer was just a milestone; her heart yearned for the prestigious IAS tag. Health setbacks couldn't halt her; she powered through, her spirit unbreakable.

Fulfilling a Childhood Dream: A Beacon of Hope

Against all odds, Pratibha kept the flame of her childhood dream alive, preparing relentlessly for the IAS. On her third attempt in 2019, she clinched the third rank nationwide, actualizing her childhood aspiration and cementing her position as an IAS officer.

Empowering Through Vision: A Bright Future Beckons

With her newfound position, Pratibha aims to empower women and address children-related issues, particularly in her home state, Uttar Pradesh. Her story stands as a beacon of hope, encouraging others to chase their dreams, no matter the adversities.

As she embarks on her mission to empower women and champion children's causes, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, Pratibha Verma embodies the true essence of leadership. Her vision is a beacon of hope, promising positive change and a brighter future for her community and beyond. Through her story, she teaches us that dreams, with dedication and resilience, can indeed be transformed into reality. Pratibha's journey is an invitation to all, reminding us that within each of us lies the potential to achieve greatness, and the capacity to make a lasting impact on the world.

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