Wednesday, November29,2023

Prevention of Sexual Harassment is a Necessity: Swapnil Pankh Foundation

Dr. Jyoti Gaur, Director, Swapnil Pankh Foundation, organized a session on Prevention of Sexual Harassment during a five-day vocational training program at National Sample Survey Office, Jaipur. 


Dr. Gaur discussed not only the causes of sexual harassment and indecent behavior in the office and the safety but also its prevention and mandatory steps to be taken. Today it is a subject that requires immediate attention, in which the social, cultural, economic, spiritual landscape of all countries is affected. Where women step out of the house to support the family, they have to walk on a double-edged sword between home and family. Along with job problems, she has to deal with such predators.


Swapnil Pankh Foundation has given special importance to this subject in the initiative taken for the empowerment of women, by which women are being prepared to solve this problem and they can openly carry out their daily routine and fulfill their responsibilities. 


Dr. Gaur apprised the participants, both men and women, from various states about the laws related to sexual harassment. Such issues needs special attention and action by all government and non-government sector and Swapnil Pankh foundation is keenly participating in collaborative activities for this purpose.