Rainbow Fresh’s Taking Organised Meat Market In India To A Whole New Level

March 21: The largest free-range chicken farmers in Central India, Rainbow Fresh, are all set to take the huge and unorganized meat market in India to a whole new level. Realizing the great scope of this essential service business, they not only have plans to expand in cities all over India but also are on a mission. A mission to educate people across India about exotic chickens and their health benefits.

Founded and established during the upsurge of the first wave of coronavirus pandemic in 2020, by brother and sister, Dr. Faza Siddiqui and Fahad Siddiqui, the company is running successful operations in Bhopal and Sehore. Also recognized as the largest in-house free-range chicken farmers in Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, the owners and founders believe they are only getting started.

“We began selling desi eggs, some other exotic chicken and egg range at genuine prices through our farm outlet in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. We cannot express how elated we felt on selling for the first time through our farm outlet. It was Christmas that day! A day of magic and miracles!”, shares Fahad Siddiqui, one of the owners and co-founder of Rainbow Fresh.

Exotic chicken or desi chicken refers to a native flesh usually healthier and powerfully enriched with protein. It tends to give more strength to the body as compared to the regular chicken. It is a top flesh in health, tastes delicious, has a great aroma, is toxin-free, and helps in boosting immunity.

Rainbow Fresh has been operating in the capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal for over 1 year now. During this time frame, they have successfully served over 5000 customers in the city. In the coming months, they plan on capturing the whole city and nearby areas of Bhopal.

Sehore, a district just 50kms away from Bhopal is already under their radius. The owners, Fahad and Faza Siddiqui established their farm in town soon. They began operating the farm in December 2020.

While Fahad’s sister, Dr. Faza Siddiqui is a Specialist in Dental Surgery & holds experience of 8+ years in her field, Fahad is a Computer Science engineer by education. He previously worked in the Market Research & Internet Media Domain for 4 years. Unfortunately, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic completely shattered his dreams of expansion as it led to the collapse of his IT startup. So, the owner shifted his complete focus on making his business, Rainbow Fresh, successful.

“The full-fledged setup and construction of our farm outlet took up to one year. The escalating pandemic conditions left us at a standstill for almost 4 to 5 months. Meanwhile, the construction product prices in the market skyrocketed. This was one of the biggest hindrances we faced in the beginning” he added.

Rainbow Fresh has become a trusted choice of thousands of Desi Chicken lovers in Bhopal & Sehore. Their quality chicken and organized selling structure will surely make them the ultimate game-changer in the Indian market in the coming years for sure.

Source: Press Release
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