Rohit Khosla is inspiring the youth to focus more on global skills than on a college degree

March 28: While most of us keep cribbing about our circumstances and blaming our mediocrity on lack of ancestral wealth, some people build their empires on their merit. All they take is a vision and lots of hard work and perseverance. One such person is entrepreneur Rohit Khosla, the man who has made it to the top with his persistence and determination. His journey serves as a great inspiration for the youth.

Rohit's business acumen and strategic thinking have enabled him to sustain the competition in the business space. He is a revered name in the industry owing to his effective ideas and honest means.

Rohit comes from a business family in Delhi and he credits his success to the incessant support and guidance from his family. Rohit completed his Bachelors Degree in Commerce from Shri Ram College of Commerce in 2014 and moved to Oxford University for his MBA. The naysayers were not only jealous of his niche education but also blamed that his success was only because of industry connections and inherited advantages. Rohit, however, was always a bright student and scholarships always funded his higher studies. He believes in constant learning and took up many certification courses from renowned institutes like Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, Stanford University, and London School of Economics to learn business better. The only advantage he had because of his business family was the guidance and hands-on learning.

He joined his family business R.K. International Group in 2014 and took it to great heights. The group is a leading conglomerate in India and overseas with businesses spread across various industries. The prime business locations include Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. Rohit admits he learned a lot more because of the global nature of the business than at colleges. He urges the youth to focus on global skills.

As the managing director of R.K. International Group, he handles business in India, Qatar, UAE, South Korea, Greece, and Poland. He uses his experience, knowledge, and skills to achieve excellence and create new opportunities. His other ventures include Gulf Visa Services, New Delhi Medical Centre, Gulf Medical Centre, Khosla Transport Company, New Star Medical Centre, Khosla Travels Pvt. Ltd., Khosla Exim, and R.K. International Skill Development Centres.

He fondly talks about the ups and downs in his entrepreneurial journey and says that he first made himself proud and the others later. He believes in constantly working on himself and improving to be a better version of himself. He thinks it is important for business leaders to understand the challenges of the space and move quickly to realize the benefits of the business.

Rohit's primary business strategy involves effective communication to bring all stakeholders on one page and achieve goals by implementing strategies and combatting challenges. We asked him about his advice to the youth and he emphasized that they must work on communication skills, networking abilities, and global exposure.

Source: Press Release
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