Satyedra Prakash- Principal Director General of BOC gets the National Award under govt deptt category this year

Shri Satyedra Prakash, Principal Director General, BOC has been selected for the National Award under the Category of National award for Government Department for enhancing electoral participation by Election Commission of India for activities conducted towards voter awareness and education during the period 2021-22. His contribution in educating and creating awareness for enhancing the people's participation in casting vote is tremendous in the present challenging time. Post COVID-19 when direct interaction with the masses is a challenge, his contribution in devising new techniques to reach the people is very significant. New techniques viz. messaging through WhatsApps, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Tweets/Re-tweets, SMS, Telephonic Calls and organizing webinars are used now as significant tools for reaching the people. Awareness activity by audio announcement using the branded mobile vans is also a major tool for reaching the people in present situation. Election Commission of India has announced the list of awardees for National Awards in deferent categories on 22.01.2022. Shri Prakash has been invited to attend the National Award function Ceremony and receive the award on the occasion of National Voters Day 2022 which is being organized at the Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. Under the leadership of Shri Prakash, BOC with its 23 Regional Outreach Bureaus (ROBs) and 148 Field Outreach Bureaus (FOBs) has always been involved in organizing various Voter awareness / Education programmes as part of the SVEEP activities. Awareness activities are also carried out through Cultural programmes, Digital Exhibitions, Photo exhibitions, Mobile vans, Door to Door campaigns, Magic shows, Nukkad Nataks, Demonstrations, Rallies etc. While organizing such campaigns BOC identifies the low voter turnout areas and make the outreach activities more focused in such areas to uphold Hon'ble Central Election Commission's message of ‘No Voter to Be Left Behind' and thereby strengthening the democratic process of the nation.

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