Stylebee Fashion – Miss & Mrs. Face of Asia Pageant Finalist Miss Chaithra

November 17: Stylebee India being a fashion house, a pageant organizer, and a digital fashion platform, it also is a platform for everyone to experience a journey of being a model and bring out the extraordinary from the what is told to be ordinary by the world. Our Shows, Beauty Pageants, modelling platform is not about your education, background, skin, size or marital status. It's about you and only you.
StyleBee Fashion, glamour platform withholding the motive of Empowering, Enlightening and Encouraging the woman at her core. Stylebee India believes that every woman deserves the same accolade for being special in her own way and so does not restrict her in regards to age, size and looks. Every woman is beautiful, she needs to see it for herself and not rely on anyone else to make her feel so. All she needs is to look in the mirror and notice it for herself. Can the world stop a woman from dreaming? Will her age or looks set her limit to explore? Would society decide what she deserves? Does her size, body determine the journey she should set for herself? So many questions and so many challenging situations, but a woman keeps going. Introducing our finalist selected post auditions for our upcoming beauty pageant "Stylebee Face of Asia". Meet Chaithra from Bangalore, currently doing my DDHN course, I'm a trained classical dancer and singer. Chaithgra says – I am passionate about anything that's related to art and fashion and I won miss blore   2nd runner up 2020, Rupalavanyum 2021 award holder, Why Stylebee Fashion, Face of Asia Beauty Pageant and what it means to me? I felt Stylebee Fashion Face of Asia Beauty Pageant is a genuine platform or a stage for me to state my mind and win it, well I think modelling is an amazing benefit or an opportunity that comes through by being in pageant world but of course there are other ways to get into fashion or modelling industry, but for me it should be through pageants, pageant means something else to me, like it's a challenge for me and for me pageant is not just about wearing crowns, gowns and makeup for me it's more than that, it's a responsibility for me, in pageant you get a chance to state a responsibility and take them up to make atleast a single change or a difference in this world with the support of others, fashion world is making it big with amazing hard work, art, style, creativity etc.. So, I have always dreamt of beginning in pageants and to make my own mark in this fashion world , so that's why I choose to be here in this beautiful pageantry and fashion industry. We are inviting you to be part of our upcoming pageant, apply by sending a message on our instagram handle : Stylebee Miss / Mrs. Face of Asia Corporate Pageant (Miss & Mrs.) – for working females State & city level Beauty Pageants Modelling Platform (we train and hire models for our inhouse & other modelling projects) Web-Series (for OTT & Social Media platforms) At stylebee India, now we offer guaranteed work opportunities for deserving participants, media coverage, modelling projects. Stylebee India is bringing all the gorgeous women onscreen to tell that she is strong and unbreakable. Fashion and cameras are for all. StyleBee India has set the road for you. Our Beauty Pageant, Modelling Platform, and Web-Series is for each and every woman watching and shall leave an impression to carry. Every epilogue comes from personal experiences and the intensity behind is not something which can be ignored. There is learning shared and a voice heard. They are not models. Do they know how to walk the ramp or how to face cameras? All it takes is one opportunity, one step and a lot of passion. This is what Stylebee India gives you. It's like an ignition to your dreams. Stylebee India Platform is for every unsung heroine who wakes up to daily tasks for her family. The unheard voice eases her feelings by telling herself, "It's Okay, some other time". Stay tuned and keep yourselves available for some glamour and task filled episodes made for women who are "Not Models But On A Journey To Be One"! On very similar lines, we have a very interesting and spiced up web series that brings together the lives of perceived to be odd women from different walks of life, who not only have survived the storms on life but danced through it as well. The theme revolves around the journey that have not been easy, but has also showcased their strength to manoeuvre through it and take a step towards their dream world. The web series has ensured that when you look at these women, you not only see their beautiful faces but the stories they have got that is going to move and touch the heart of all. Tears, smiles, laughs, friendship and a lot of drama is in store. If you think you got a dream, be it anything, and you are dwelling on should I pursue it or not because of different kind of societal standards you got to match; this is for you to watch. Because at the end all that matters is, how far can you go in challenging the struggles, getting over it and achieving whatever you want to achieve. Stylebee India is waiting for you. See you on RAMP & CAMERA. Instagram & Facebook @: !!

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