Swanrose India Launches the Pathbreaking ‘I am Just Human' Campaign to Honour Pride in Diversity

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The inception of Swanrose in May 2021 was the beginning of creating the instance for people to ‘Live a Limitless Life’ with the launch of disruptive liberating products in the personal care segment. Their first product was officially launched in India and the United States in May and September 2021 respectively. A product that gives the freedom to use just once a day for all day safety, ‘
Just Human’ is a revolutionary 24-hour hand sanitizer (use just once a day).
It has gone on to become a game changer in the hand sanitizer space and is the first of its kind to provide extended protection.

The I AM JUST HUMAN campaign is the first expression of the company's beliefs and values in stopping the spread of discrimination and creating a voice for people to share their stories of discrimination.

The main objective of the brand is to spread awareness and create inclusivity in today’s highly polarized world with the ethos that eventually are all “Just Human” regardless of caste, colour, class or religion, and all aspire to “live a limitless life”. The primary message on this campaign is –

Diseases Don’t Discriminate. Neither Should We.
Stop The Spread.
I am Just Human.

Discrimination is the bane of the human condition and there are stories of discrimination across the world, across genders, across races, everyone among us has faced discrimination at some point and in some form. The ‘I am Just Human Campaign’ aspires to bring forth these stories in order to alleviate the stigma around the discrimination people have lived through. With these stories, Just Human as a brand, hope to give voice to the voiceless and create a safe space for those who have suffered.

Each story shall be told through the lens of the discrimination that each individual has faced, by adopting the hashtag #IAmJustHuman. Below are some of the discriminations that the company has highlighted -

JustFat – If one has suffered discrimination for being fat/overweight.

JustDark – If one has suffered discrimination for being dark skinned/dark complexion.

JustSecular – If one has suffered discrimination of been trolled for their secular views on caste and religion.

JustTrans – If one has suffered discrimination for their trans identity and looks.

JustIndian – If one has suffered discrimination because they don’t look Indian and maybe from the Northeast.

JustGay – If one has suffered discrimination for their sexual orientation or the way they dress.

JustSex – If one has suffered discrimination and disgrace for wanting to have sex before marriage.

JustSlut – If one has suffered discrimination because they have slept with many people or dressed provocatively.

JustLove – If one has suffered discrimination and has been prevented from dating or marrying someone who doesn’t come from their class, caste or religion.

JustSingle – If one has suffered discrimination for being single and having to rely on male members for renting a flat (for e.g.) or anything else.

JustDivorced – If one has suffered discrimination for being Divorced.

JustGirl – If one has suffered discrimination and not being given equal inheritance because they are a girl (for eg.) and for walking, talking, dancing and looking girly, for being born a girl.

JustLesbian – If one has suffered discrimination for their sexual orientation or the way they dress.

JustManly – If one has suffered discrimination for looking too masculine, having muscles, tattoos, etc.

Why are these stories important? They’re important because they are real, real lives of real people. To amplify this cause, Just Human is collaborating with the celebrities and influencers who have faced discrimination. Their stories will be aired on TV and on social media through their own profiles along with a call to action for the public at large to share their stories of discrimination. Some of the celebrities that the company is collaborating with are Swara Bhasker, Meiyang Chang, Bharti Singh, Bani J, Sushant Divgikar, Kamya Punjabi, Daisy Shah, Ankita Rai and Anupriya. In addition to this, the company is collaborating with 120 more micro-influencers all sharing their stories of discrimination and adopting a tag.

The message this whole campaign wants to spread is that the Diseases don’t discriminate, and one shouldn’t either. Stop the spread of discrimination because #iamjusthuman.

The philosophy behind this campaign is to empower people and enable them to live life without limitations. The idea here is to be inclusive and not exclusive.

Target Audience:

The audience the company is aiming to target is young millennials and GenZ, who are open to understand what it is meant to be discriminated and might have faced something similar in their online or offline lives.

The 24-Hour Hand sanitizer technology:

The proprietary formula used in Just Human hand sanitizer was derived from an original formulation developed over 30 years ago. Since then, it has been used in a wide array of consumer products with an unparalleled safety record for nearly three decades. The efficacy and capabilities of the formula has been vetted by leading scientific organizations worldwide and has also won various technology awards. This formula was eventually re-engineered into a proprietary formulated alcohol base to extend its uses in other applications, in this case, a hand sanitizer. The molecules attach themselves to a surface and forms microscopic ‘spars’, these spars rupture the cell membranes of all microbes coming in contact with it, providing the mechanical kill, and negating the need for toxic chemicals to serve the same purpose. As a result, microbes are destroyed and prevented from contaminating the hand, the revolutionary concept is that it results in a compound that is non-toxic.

Where is it available:

Just Human is currently available on Just Human website: www.justhuman.co.in and on Amazon and Flipkart, Netmeds, Big Basket.

The Journey so far..

In April 2020, Swanrose started producing alcohol based hand sanitizers in order to help with the COVID crisis. The first product launch was Aristocrat and Humaste - both alcohol-based hand sanitizer in India and the USA. As the brand grew, there was a realization that
conventional alcohol-based sanitizers
(currently available in the market) were not really helping people as they evaporate within 30 seconds of use, leaving users completely exposed. Hence the need to repeatedly use them became the norm, from the fear of having touched a contaminated surface to being in an environment with a lot of people around, the fear was real. This scenario did not fit in line with the brand’s vision of helping people “Live a limitless life” so a search for smart science began. Months of lab testing to get USFDA registration and DCGI clearance allowed this revolutionary product to be ready for launch. Here is a product that allows one to experience a “limitless life with the power of once” as a once a day sanitizer with complete coverage and total protection. In a few short months, the brand has established a new business line with production & distribution agreements across India, United States and the UAE.

Roshini Sanah Jaiswal, CEO of Swanrose Inc said: “After many years - I have found my purpose with Swanrose – It combines my interests in science and technology with my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. Just Human 24-Hour Hand Sanitizer is precisely that -Smart Science designed beautifully.”

Roshini Sanah Jaiswal

Founder/CEO SwanRose Inc. USA - April 20 to current

Responsibilities: Leadership, long-term and short-term strategy, ensuring company growth in line with vision and values, communicating with all stakeholders, partners and press, daily management, building a strong but lean team.

Creating a range of differentiated products the first of which is - Just Human 24-hr sanitizer (the once a day sanitizer)

Goals and aspirations for Swanrose: To enable people to live a limitless life.

Promoter and Chief Restructuring Officer Jagatjit Industries publicly listed (JIL) from 2015 to the present day.

Responsibilities: Transformational Leadership, redefining vision, strategy, core values, dealing with legacy issues, risk management, setting up systems for a process driven organizations, stabilizing the balance sheet, taking the company from legacy to digital, leading brand innovation, communicating with all stakeholders, partners and press.

JSM Corporation India Pvt Ltd. 2000 – 2013 exited successfully
32 restaurants and bars pan India including 6 Hard Rock Cafes.

Serial Entrepreneur / Angel Investor Lost Spirits Distillery (LA, USA) 2017 Disruptive Ageing Technology for spirits Loch Ewe Distillery (Scotland) 2018
Only Indian domestic player to own a distillery in Scotland. Strategic acquisition to capture economies of scale available to MNC’s. Loch Ewe is part of the whisky tour route.

Vice-Chairman Confederation of Alcoholic Beverages Companies (CIABC) India Apex industry body Jan 2019 to current

Harvard OPM Program.

New York University BA - (Economics and Political science)

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/justhumanindia/?hl=en

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