6 WhatsApp Mistakes to Avoid for Privacy and Security

WhatsApp is the most used chatting app in the world. Through this app, people can easily talk to anyone at any time. Group calling and many other features are available in this mobile app. WhatsApp is constantly improving this app for its users. The company is still working on privacy and security. However, many questions have been raised on this app for some time. There have been many social engineering attacks on this social media platform. In such a situation, users have to keep some things in mind and never do this on WhatsApp.

Do not hide profile picture on WhatsApp

WhatsApp allows users to hide their profile photo. With the help of this feature, users who do not want to show their photo to an unknown person can hide their photo. For this, go to Settings and then go to Privacy, then go to Profile Photo and you will get many options.

Forwarding fake news

Users should not forward fake news on WhatsApp. If any news is not confirmed, then do not share that news with anyone even by mistake.

Joining an unknown WhatsApp group

It has been seen many times that people join an unknown group on WhatsApp and they do not even know about it. In such a situation, do not approve the request of any unknown group. It can also be a kind of trap.

Adding people to a group without approval

Do not add any person to any group on WhatsApp without his/her consent. Respect the privacy of the people included in your contact list.

Clicking on a link from an unknown number

Do not click on any link received from an unknown number on WhatsApp, which claims to offer any gift or free offer. Such links can cause financial loss by stealing people's information.

Not turning on WhatsApp two-step verification

WhatsApp users do not turn on two-step verification. In such a situation, many times someone illegally hacks their WhatsApp account or misuses it. Definitely take advantage of this feature of WhatsApp.

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