Apple Goes All In on AI at WWDC 2024

Many software have been introduced on the first day of Apple's WWDC 2024, including iOS 18. Apart from this, a new OS VisionOS2 has also been launched for Apple Vision Pro. In this Apple event, everyone's eyes were on AI. Apple has announced AI for its devices for the first time. Apple has divided AI into five parts which include Powerful, Integrated, Intuitive, Personal and Private. Let us know what announcements have been made regarding AI in WWDC 2024.

Will be able to create AI images in Messages

Apple has introduced a new AI generative writing tool that can briefly write any content and it will support all the apps of Apple devices. Apple users will be able to create and use AI images in Messages, Keynote, Freeform and Pages. According to Apple, iPhone users will be able to create real images and also use it in different styles. These images will be made based on the photos present in the photo gallery.

On Device Intelligence

Apple has provided the facility of on device intelligence keeping privacy in mind. For this, the company has introduced private cloud compute with AI support which will use encryption during use with AI.

Apple Siri gets AI support

There was already news about Siri that it will get AI support. Now Apple has said that with AI support, Siri has become more powerful and faster than before. Siri can now understand the spoken language and make sense of it. AI and Siri support will also be available with many of Apple's apps. Apart from this, Siri app can complete any work or task in an app just by your saying. Siri can edit a photo just by your saying. Apple Siri will also provide information about old messages.

AI support with app

Apple has named its AI as Apple Intelligence. Its support has also been released for the Photos app. Now in the Photos app, AI can select the best photos and videos by itself and create videos with a storyline. Apart from this, a cleanup tool with AI suAPPLE pport has also been provided in the Photos app. Apart from this, Magic Eraser tool will also be available like Google Pixel device.

ChatGPT in Apple device

Apple has said that now a third party tool has also entered its AI ecosystem and this tool is none other than OpenAI's ChatGPT. Apple users will now be able to use ChatGPT without logging in. At the same time, paid users will be able to connect their account to the device. ChatGPT and Siri will now work together.

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