Google Launches Gemini AI App in India, Supporting 9 Regional Languages

Google has launched a new app of its AI tool Gemini in India. The new app of Gemini supports nine Indian languages, which include Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu apart from English, i.e. now you can use Google Gemini in these languages as well. Google has given this information in its blog.

Google has also said that many features of Gemini will be released soon which will be for paid users. Let us tell you that Google has launched Gemini after shutting down Bard. Google has launched Gemini after the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Google had also imposed many restrictions regarding the election results.

Apart from India, the Gemini app has also been launched in Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. In the Gemini app, users can get answers to their questions by typing, speaking and also through images. Android users can also make the Gemini app their primary assistant.

If you have used ChatGPT, then you will not have any problem using Gemini. Just like ChatGPT, you can ask and answer questions on Gemini. iOS users can use Gemini through the Google app.

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