Maximizing Your iPhone Battery Life: Tips and Tricks

If you are also an iPhone user and your Apple iPhone battery lasts all day without stopping, you can increase the battery backup of your iPhone by adopting some tricks.

Keep iPhone updated with the latest software

If you are an iPhone user and the battery is draining quickly, it may be that your phone is not updated with the latest software. To keep your phone working well, it is important to keep the phone updated with the latest software. For this, you have to go to Settings>General>Software Update.

Keep the brightness of the screen adjusted

There are two easy ways by which you can save battery life (iPhone Battery Tips). According to Apple, no matter how you use your device, just remember two things. First, adjust the brightness of your screen and keep it dim. Second, when you want to use the Internet, Wi-Fi connection consumes less power than the cellular network. So keep Wi-Fi on all the time.

Turn on Low Power Mode

A new Low Power Mode was introduced in the iPhone with iOS 9. This low power mode extends iPhone battery life. Your iPhone tells you when your iPhone battery level drops to 20% and then to 10%, and lets you turn on low power mode with a single tap.

Manage battery life

With iOS, you can easily manage your device's battery life (iPhone Battery Tips), because you can see the consumption of your battery used by each app.

Keep these things in mind while charging

When you charge your iOS device via USB, make sure your computer is plugged in and turned on. If your device is connected to a computer that is off or in sleep or standby mode, your device's battery may drain faster.

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