WhatsApp Bans Over 79 Lakh Accounts in India in March Crackdown on Misuse

In a move to curb misuse on its platform, WhatsApp banned a staggering 79 lakh (7.95 million) accounts in India during March 2024, according to the company's latest monthly compliance report. This aggressive action highlights WhatsApp's efforts to combat safety concerns on the widely used messaging platform.

The report reveals that over 14.3 lakh (1.43 million) accounts were proactively banned by WhatsApp, indicating the company's use of advanced detection methods to identify and suspend suspicious activity. This proactive approach complements the 12,782 user-reported complaints received in March, on which WhatsApp took "action," which could include banning an account or restoring a previously banned one.

While the exact nature of the violations leading to these bans is not specified, it aligns with WhatsApp's commitment to upholding India's IT Rules established in 2021. These regulations aim to promote a safe and accountable online environment by empowering platforms to address issues like spam, fake news, and misuse.

This crackdown follows a similar trend in February, where WhatsApp banned over 76 lakh (7.62 million) accounts, with a significant portion being proactively identified.

WhatsApp emphasizes its commitment to user safety by employing a dedicated team of professionals. This team comprises engineers, data scientists, analysts, researchers, and experts specializing in law enforcement, online safety, and technological advancements. Their combined efforts contribute to creating a secure platform for India's massive user base exceeding 500 million.

This focus on user safety comes amidst growing concerns about misinformation and malicious content circulating on social media platforms. WhatsApp's actions indicate a proactive approach to addressing these issues and ensuring a responsible online experience for its Indian users.


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