WhatsApp Rolls Out Major Updates for Enhanced Video Calling Experience

WhatsApp is the most used instant multimedia messaging app in the world today. People are using WhatsApp both for office and personal purposes. Since its launch in 2015, WhatsApp has changed the way of communication. The company is also constantly improving it. There have been many important changes in WhatsApp in the last 9 years. Now the company has again released many features simultaneously, after knowing which your WhatsApp experience will double. Let's know...

Screen sharing with audio

WhatsApp was testing this feature for a long time and now its public update has been released. WhatsApp users can now share screen with audio during video calling. Earlier there was a screen share facility but there was no facility of screen audio share with screen share.

More people in video call

WhatsApp has increased the number of members in video call. Now 32 people can join the video call simultaneously. You can use WhatsApp video call on both desktop and mobile. The advantage of this feature will be that now you will not have to go to apps like Zoom, Google Meet for video calls.

Speaker spotlight

Now like a regular meeting app, you can put the speaker in the spotlight in WhatsApp, that is, the person who is speaking will be seen separately. WhatsApp will now automatically highlight the speaker. In such a situation, it will be easy for the people involved in the video call to know who is speaking.

Better audio and video quality

WhatsApp has been working on improving audio and video quality for a long time. MLow codec support has been provided with the new update. With this, mobile users will get noise cancellation, clear voice. Apart from this, echo cancellation will also be available.

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