Tesla Power USA Enters Wellness Business With Launch of Alkaline RO Water Purifiers

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Tesla Power USA announces the launch of their wellness division Tesla Healthy Life with its product range in Alkaline RO Water Purifiers. Tesla Power USA brings their expertise in water business with their cutting-edge technology to provide healthy water to everyone at an affordable cost.

Tesla Healthy Life has launched 2 series of the Alkaline RO Water Purifiers – YogJal Series and Alkalino.

Alkaline RO Water Machines from YogJal Series (YogJal Surya and YogJal Prithvi) designed to carry forward the old ancient tradition of drinking water from the copper vessel. The RO Purifiers available in the market remove the essential minerals and nutrients from the water during the RO process. Due to this, the water is no-doubt purified, but it is very unhealthy water due to de-mineralization. The YogJal series apart from the advanced purification process, also add minerals as well as makes the water alkaline, making it most healthy water available in the market.

YogJal Prithvi comes with features including RO + UF + UV + Copper Filter + Alkaline and with 12 stages of purification that purifies water from any source, giving the superior drinkable water. It is available at Rs. 19,990 in the market with an exchange discount of Rs. 5,000.

YogJal Surya has features including RO + UF + UV + Mineralizer + Copper Filter + Alkaline and with 13 stages of purification that gives an instant and continuous hot drinking water supply. It is available at Rs. 29,990 in the market with an exchange discount of Rs. 5,000.

Alkalino is Alkaline RO Water Machine designed with advanced technology to offer amazing benefits of alkaline water with complete control at the user end. Alkalino contains a built-in detoxifier and gives a high-quality and pristine alkaline water which is as good as Kangen water but far cost-effective. Alkalino provides Kangen RO water that raises tap water pH by ionizing and splitting the water molecules. Hence, it becomes India’s most affordable Alkaline Water RO. The advanced Alkalino RO Water Purifier is available at Rs. 49,990 with an exchange discount of Rs. 10,000.

Alkalino has two essential things on this earth for living i.e.; water and air. The regular RO water may give the purified water but it filters out all the essential minerals and nutrients from the water and hence, make it plain water that has no benefits for the consumers.

“Don’t choose pure water, choose healthy water” – Says Mr. H S Bhatia (Director, Tesla Healthy Life).

COVID-19 Strengthens Consumers Love of choosing Alkaline Water over Regular RO Water

Alkaline water which had very less attention till the time is now capturing the attention of the consumers internationally. Alternatively, as people know the body is alkaline by nature and whatever the people eat or drink should be alkaline in nature so as to support proper body functions. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and it’s the pH level that determines how acidic it is and it ranges from 0 to 14. A pH of 7 is considered neutral or balanced between acidic and alkaline.

With consumers taking a more practical approach towards health, alkaline water is the choice. Alkaline water helps fighting numerous diseases and Covid-19 by boosting immunity and energy levels.

The company also introducing the exchange offer for the customers who wish to exchange their existing RO Purifier. The Alkaline RO Water Purifiers will be available for the end-customers at their nearest Tesla Power Shops with all facilities of installation, after-sale service or support.

Coming forward the company is planning to launch Air Purifier, De-humidifier in the wellness division.

Tesla Power USA is among the fastest growing social enterprise in India. They have 300+ Distributors and 250+ Tesla Power Shops in 20+ States in India.

Tesla Power Shop, as a concept, is a hybrid and unique model of sales, service, revival of old batteries & EV Charging Points. This hybrid Retail model is being adopted across the country and appreciated internationally. The Company launched their American Technology-based products such as Inverter Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Two-Wheeler Batteries, Tractor Batteries, Trucks Batteries, Solar Batteries and Solar Panels, Lithium Ion Batteries, Home UPS, Solar UPS, Industrial UPS, HUPS, 2v/ 12v Batteries, Smart Inverters and now Hybrid VRLA, SMF VRLA Batteries whose all cells are replaceable. Their quality products and continuous expansion policy helps Customers, Dealers, Distributors, Franchisees and C&Fs to join Tesla Power USA.

This is an amazing business opportunity for anyone who wishes to start his/ her own business in the wellness division with such an innovative brand that has a vision to contribute towards the society.

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