The Indian Alert announces the Top 10 Educational Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2021-22

New Delhi (India), March 15: Educational Entrepreneurship {E-Ship} is a personal attribute that combines innovation, accountability, catalyst, risk-taking and a tolerant attitude. The list of Educational entrepreneurs covered by The Indian Alert powered by Digisharks Communications is portrayed here; check it out and get to admire their success stories. 

1. Brajesh Maheshwari- Co-Founder Director of Allen Career Institute: Brajesh Maheshwari ‘BM Sir,’ is not only a name but an inspiration and an icon for the students who want to pursue the career of a engineer and doctor. Along with the co-founder of Allen Career Institute, Brajesh Maheshwari is also a mentor and an expert. Brajesh Maheshwari, who remains present before the students as HOD of Physics, has carved out a niche for Allen in the education field. BM Sir is also known for innovations through Allen Career Institute for the aspirants of JEE (Mains & Advanced), NEET-UG, Pre Nurture and Career Foundation (Class 6th to 10th, NTSE & Olympiads). Be it understanding any formula or teaching students through motivation, he has set new paradigms in every field. Under the guidance of BM sir, many students of the country have created success stories and are now making Allen’s name bright by giving their services in various fields.

2. Vinay Kumar Reddy Nuvvuru is the Founder & Chairman of IACE: Vinay Kumar Reddy Nuvvuru is the Founder & Chairman of IACE (Indian Academy of Competitive Exams which is a centre for imparting quality education to students preparing for various competitive examinations such as SSC, Insurance, Banking, Railways, etc. He envisioned building a platform that can provide the proper guidance and training to students who can transform their goals into a potential, prosperous and rewarding career. The institute’s unique teaching methodology, experienced faculty, and exhaustive study materials have been recognized through several awards at various national platforms.

3. Dr. P. Prasant: Dr. P. Prasant (Honorary Doctorate) is a renowned Speaker, Educator and Administrator with experience of 8 years in teaching Cyber Security IT, Computer Applications, and Management Courses, as well as three years as a cooperative trainer. He is the Innovation Ambassador of EDP at the Ministry of Education and the Mentor of Change at NITI Aayog. He has been recognised for two consecutive years as the Best Tally Software Teacher. He is currently associated with Khalsa College Charitable society as Deputy Dean (Industry & Academia) cum Assistant Professor, as well as IIC President, Khalsa College of Engineering & Technology, Amritsar and is also the founder & director of Prasant Computer Studies & Management.

4. Rajat Johari: Rajat Johari is an Educator cum Educationalist. Mentored about lakh+ students in last 10 years of his Teaching Journey, interestingly opted the path that gives him more satisfaction than the Govt Group A job which he also served for brief Stinct.

The One Who is still trying to put hard to Revolutionalise the learning Easy for the students through Indian Tech Startup Ecosystem! He Says the Journey is still long, and we need to overcome many challenges. However, we are still Confident that a Different “learning skill set” is a Must considering the Recent Demand of the market, Impact of Education on society will change positively!

5. Dr. Chandan Agarwal Chairperson of G.D. Goenka School, Kanpur & Bareilly: Dr. Chandan Agarwal is a business management alumnus of NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai and a PhD from the International University of America, London. He is the Chairperson of G.D. Goenka School, Kanpur & Bareilly, G.D. Goenka School in Unnao& Montessori School in Kanpur. A true visionary, he gave a new meaning to school education by introducing holistic teaching and experiential learning, an entirely new perspective back in 2013, when he founded the school at Kanpur. Due to his innovative acumen, he has been appointed as the Advisor, Higher Education to Governor of Bihar and Advisor to Bihar Cricket Association, affiliated to BCCI. Being an educationist, he regularly undertakes projects to spread awareness on various important social issues. His philanthropic endeavours aim to uplift the underprivileged segment of society.

6. Sarvesh Goel- Chairman of GD Goenka School, Lucknow: A leading serial entrepreneur and an educationist in its true spirit, Sarvesh Goel- Chairman of GD Goenka School, Lucknow, laid the foundation of a world-class school to provide a conducive learning environment that transformed the education culture of the city and gave a new meaning to holistic education. His exemplary contribution in the sector has been recognized at several premier and state-level events. He was felicitated on many occasions by prominent personalities and dignitaries, who believed in his outstanding professional achievements. Apart from being an education entrepreneur, he is also an aspiring businessman who is credited with several agricultural and agro-business establishments, deals in building material and has made a successful entry in the hospitality sector also. His diversified business ventures truly epitomize his passion and persistent approach towards success.

7. Dhana Durga- Founder and Principal, Sree Vivekananda Educational Society: She is a renowned educationist from Hyderabad, widely known and respected for her contributions to child education. She launched Sree Vivekananda Educational Society in 1983 at 25, with inspiration from Swami Vivekananda.

The school caters to children from the lower middle class and poorer sections of the society, with an environment that enables them to develop life skills, imbibe the correct values and nurture qualities essential for becoming efficient future citizens. She provided education to thousands of children in the past 39 years and has received multiple prestigious awards at the state and national levels for her exemplary work.

8. Karan Shah- Founder & CEO of IIDE of India's Leading Digital Marketing Edtech: Karan Shah is the Founder & CEO of IIDE – India's Leading Digital Marketing Edtech. He has been a part of the education industry for 10+ years, and he was recently awarded the "Top 30 under 30 Professionals" by Social Samosa for his contributions. As the CEO of IIDE, he has led his start-up through the pandemic and turned it into a multi-award-winning institute, including the "Best Digital Marketing Institute 2021" by the World Education Congress.  Furthermore, he is a TEDx speaker, visiting faculty to top IIMs and B-schools of India and contributing writer for reputed news publications.

9. Dr. Rajeshwary- Director of Advaita Gurukul: Dr. Rajeshwary Nair is the director of Advaita Gurukul, one of the leading schools in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, which is based on her vision of serving to inspire, and help every child comprehend academic, social and emotional success. Her journey into establishing a holistic learning institution started with 17 students who developed into a strength of 1800+ students in 7 years. Advaita Gurukul aims to have 15000 students by 2025 by expanding the Franchisee model across Gujarat and other States. Dr. Nair believes that it is essential to equip students with a comprehensive pedagogic program to meet the demands of the growing changes of the education system of the country.

10. Mr. Shiraz Kirmani- Director of Erocon: Mr. Shiraz Kirmani, Director Erocon (India's first turnkey consulting firm for setting up schools). He is a renowned educationalist with over two decades of experience in the K-12 education segment. Under his leadership, Erocon has grown exponentially with 700 plus clientele across India, the Middle East & Africa and is empanelled advisors for six out of Top 10 Education groups in India.

Mr. Kirmani has been awarded consecutively with awards such as 45 under 45 brightest young minds of India.  The net worth of the projects under his advisory is around 2,200 Crores for 2021-2022.

Source: Press Release
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