Gates to Enter Bangladesh from India by Road: Key Border Crossings

1. Petrapole-Benapole
The Petrapole-Benapole crossing is the busiest land port between West Bengal, India, and Jessore, Bangladesh, handling significant passenger and cargo traffic. It's vital for trade and travel, with extensive customs and immigration facilities.
2. Hili-Balurghat
The Hili-Balurghat crossing links West Bengal, India, to Dinajpur, Bangladesh. It supports both passenger and cargo movement, facilitating regional trade and travel with less congestion than Petrapole-Benapole.
3. Changrabandha-Burimari
This crossing connects West Bengal, India, to Lalmonirhat, Bangladesh. Primarily used for trade, it plays a crucial role in goods transportation, benefiting regional businesses.
4. Ghojadanga-Bhomra
The Ghojadanga-Bhomra crossing, linking West Bengal, India, to Satkhira, Bangladesh, is important for passenger and cargo traffic, enhancing regional trade and travel with equipped customs services.
5. Dawki-Tamabil
Connecting Meghalaya, India, to Sylhet, Bangladesh, the Dawki-Tamabil crossing is popular for travelers to India’s northeastern states and tourists, known for its scenic beauty and efficient travel facilities.
6. Sutarkandi-Sheola
The Sutarkandi-Sheola crossing links Assam, India, to Sylhet, Bangladesh. It is significant for trade, facilitating goods movement and regional economic cooperation with substantial commercial traffic.
7. Agartala-Akhaura
The Agartala-Akhaura border connects Tripura, India, to Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. It is crucial for passenger traffic, with a developing rail link, enhancing travel and trade in the northeastern region.
8. Mahadipur-Sonamasjid
This crossing connects West Bengal, India, to Chapai Nawabganj, Bangladesh. It is important for cargo transportation, supporting regional trade with well-equipped customs facilities.