Year 2022 Looks Promising Too As 63 IPOs Raise Rs 1.18 Lakh Cr In 2021

New Delhi- If the country's stock market has touched a new high in the year 2021, then the companies that brought the initial public offer (IPO) this year have also set a new record. This year 63 companies have raised a total of Rs 1.18 lakh crore from the market. In the year 2020, only 15 companies came with IPO and they raised Rs 26,613 crore from the market. After many years there is a line of companies seeking permission to bring IPO with SEBI and there is every possibility that in the year 2022 also dozens of companies will bring IPO in the market.

The report of PrimeData Base, a company that issues research reports on the stock market, states that tech start-ups are at the forefront of the IPO race. The stock market has given these companies a good option to raise capital easily, to these companies which are incurring losses continuously. The largest IPO, One97 Communications (Paytm), brought in Rs 18.300 crore, followed by Zomato, which had an IPO size of Rs 9,300 crore. The data of 59 IPOs has been given by PrimeDatabase, out of which IPOs of 36 companies have received 10 times more applications than their size. Six IPOs have been oversubscribed 100 times. There have been 15 IPOs for which one to three times the number of applications have been received. It has also been told that out of the amount that the said companies have been successful in raising from the market, only 20 percent has come from retail investors i.e. retail investors have got only 20 percent stake in these companies. The remaining investments have been made by institutional and non-institutional investors. It has been told by PrimeData Base that the process of issuing IPO is likely to continue next year as well. Market regulatory agency SEBI has given approval to 35 companies to bring IPO. These companies are ready to raise 50 thousand crore rupees. Whereas applications of 33 companies are lying with SEBI to raise 60 thousand crore rupees from the market. Right now the application for bringing an IPO from a huge company like LIC is yet to be done. Many other PSUs will also enter the stock market next year. Photo-Social Media

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